Sex, Lies and Conversation

The article “Sex, Lies and conversation: Why is it so hard for Men and Women to Talk to Each Other” in Majlis book has many interesting facts. According to the article, studies found out that American man tend to talk more than women in public than at home. I think the reason is because men like to elaborate and they’re not shy to share their knowledge with others. On the other hand, women care about their image in front of people, how they sit, talk and laugh. Also, scientists discovered that men and women talk and listen differently. The article pointed out that women like to face each other and look into the eye while talking. However, men sit at angles and glance each other. I completely agree. As a girl, I like people to look me in the eye while I’m speaking. It drives me crazy when my brother looks around or plays Playstation while I’m talking. I also agree with the article when it mentioned that women tend to say “mhmm”, “uhuh” and “yeah” to show that they are listing. On the other hand, men remain silent when they are listening. Personally, I prefer talking to my mom more than dad because she keeps saying “mmm”, “Oh!” and “Wullah!!” which means “Really!!” in Arabic. While dad remains silent when he listens to me especially on the phone, that sometimes makes me wonder if the network is disconnected. Also, I found it true and funny when the article mentioned that women get mad from men if they showed some disagreement. I believe that men should pretend that they agree even if they don’t in order to keep the conversation going.


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